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The WorkIt platform streamlines distributing information about workplace policy, bargaining contracts, and people's rights at work via machine learning. Users can ask their workplace questions through an easy mobile chat interface when issues come up at work. WorkIt includes a web based business tool to manage content, train the learning bot, manage users, send broadcasts, send targeted push notifications, and engage users. Additional custom features are available within the platform such as a pay calculator and hours tracker.

Workit can be configured and customized to serve your organization’s content, brand, and membership to maximize your impact. We believe in the potential of the WorkIt platform to transform how organizations support their members, reach new audiences, connect people to one another, and create a collective voice of power.

Issue Tracker

WorkIt Lab's Issue tracker leverages the power of tracking, data visualization and crowdsourcing for your campaign. Born out of the need to track COVID-19 cases and safety conditions at worksites, our Issue Tracker is now enabled to support a multitude of issue-based campaigns. The Issue Tracker allows users to report workplace issues via simple, customizable, mobile friendly forms. The tracker also aggregates and visualizes the crowdsourced data on an interactive map that can be searched, filtered or scrolled through. Visitors have the option of engaging with others at specific work locations, engage in organizing opportunities, post public reports to social media, or learn more about the state of a specific workplace. Our tool also includes an administrative interface which allows staff to manage the public visibility levels of user submitted content, built in content approval workflows with notifications, and reporting functionality. Our Issue Tracker can also be custom configured to pull in external data sources. Each with their own interactive, public-facing website, Tracker Partners are able to easily aggregate and visualize data to bolster their campaign narrative and uncover widespread workplace problems.

Communities of Care

Communities of Care is a collection of tools that create safe digital spaces for people to support one another at work, connect people to resources, and give organizers real time listening tools.

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